How To Get Piggyvest Loan

Fintech companies in Nigeria have continued to help a vast population of millions of Nigerians to be able to meet their financial goals be it savings goals, investment goals, loans, or payment transaction goals. Piggyvest is one of such fintech companies in Nigeria that help users to better manage their funds through savings or grow their wealth through the investment products offered by Piggyvest. 

Piggyvest is not one of the fintech companies in Nigeria that provides loan facilities, but it helps users manage their funds in a secure platform while getting paid interest for keeping their money. If you want to learn how to grow your money on piggyvest read on to learn more from our guide. 

About PiggyvestΒ 

Piggyvest is a financial technology platform for managing and growing your wealth, through the savings and investment products offered to the over 4,000,000 users using the piggyvest platform. Piggyvest was launched in 2016 as the first online savings and investment platform in West Africa. When the company was launched it was known as “” and was subsequently changed to Piggyvest in the year 2019 when the company began to offer direct investment products to users on the platform. 

Does Piggyvest Give Loan

No, piggyvest does not give its customers loans of any type, but piggyvest provides attractive savings and investment products to users. Piggyvest is designed to be a money management and wealth growth platform.  

Piggyvest Savings and Investment Interest Rate

Piggyvest offers a variety of interest rates on its savings and various investment products. The interest rates offered on various piggyvest wealth management and growth products include: 

Piggyvest Savings

  • The piggyvest savings product comes in five different categories with the interest rate ranging from 6% – 13% per annum, the interest rate you get depends on the savings product you decide to operate with. The savings products offered by piggyvest include: 
  • Flex Savings
  • SafeLock
  • Flex Naira
  • Target Savings
  • Flex Dollar

Note that the savings products have two broad categories: the strict savings category where you have flex savings and SafeLock. The second category is the Flexible savings category with these products flex Naira, Target Savings, and flex Dollar savings. 

Piggyvest Investment

The piggyvest investment product is offered to users based on the availability of vetted opportunities. Piggyvest does the vetting of the investment opportunities it offers to its users. The interest rate is from 3.7% to 35%. Some of the examples of currently available investment opportunities in Piggyvest are corporate debt note series XIII, Corporate Debt note v, etc.

Piggyvest Savings and Investment Process

Getting your funds to grow and be managed with piggyvest is an easy process. To save or invest your funds with piggyvest follow these steps: 

  • Download the piggyvest app from the iOS app store or Android Play store 
  • Login to your Piggyvest app then navigate to your app homepage 
  • Click on the save button at the bottom of your app homepage if you want to save funds or the invest button if you wish to invest in any of the investment opportunities on offer
  • Select whichever savings product you want or any of the investment opportunities on offer 
  • Whichever one you select you will see the interest rate for you to know your possible return
  • Fill in any other required details, then submit and have your savings created or your investment purchased. 

Benefits of Piggyvest Savings and InvestmentΒ 

Piggyvest offers users several benefits for using the piggyvest app and savings platform. Some of the benefits of Piggyvest savings and investment include: 

  • Guaranteed return on your savings on the app or investment
  • You do not need to be worried about anything because piggyvest is licensed by the CBN 
  • You can set automatic savings for your Piggyvest savings goals and investment products
  • The interest rates on the savings and investment side of Piggyvest are highly favourable and industry-competitive
  • Users earn savings points, that is you grow your money and get rewarded with piggyvest points while doing that. 
  • With saving goals you can save for set goals at your own pace without any pressure
  • You are able to earn in dollars using the Flex Dollar savings product 


Piggyvest offers some of the best savings and investment products in the industry. Piggyvest has continued to serve its over 4 million customers with the best interest rates on returns for both their savings goals products and their investment products. Piggyvest does not offer loans of any type to its customers but helps its users manage and grow their wealth or funds as the case may be. 

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