How To Get ChipperCash Loan

Getting a loan without collateral has become a thing of the snap of your fingers, thanks to fintech payment processing and handling organisations like ChipperCash. If you need a business loan or a personal finance ChipperCash will help you make money and payment requests but does not give out loans to its customers. Seat back to learn if you can get a ChipperCash loan or not from this guide, you’ll also learn other relevant information regarding ChipperCash.  

About ChipperCashΒ 

Chipper Cash is a giant in payment processing and handling across more than 21 African countries and extends speedily across several regions of the globe. Chipper Cash payment across Africa is becoming very seamless for all users of the Chipper Cash payment infrastructure. 

Chipper Cash processes payments to the tune of over $1.5 billion every quarter, this puts Chipper at the forefront of payment processing in the African continent. Chipper Cash has more than 5 million active users and has issued more than 600,000 visa cards for seamless payments for services and goods no matter where you are globally.  

Chipper Cash also provides investment opportunities to users of the platform across the United States of America, with your Chipper Cash account you can invest in dollar-denominated stocks. Chipper Cash unlocks international transfers, payment cards and investing for Africans.

Does ChipperCash Give Loans

No, Chipper Cash does not give out loans to its users in any guise. Chipper Cash only has a money request button and system which is meant for requesting payment and cash from your family, friends or business associates for services rendered, or goods sold to them. Therefore the “Request” button tool should never be mistaken for a button to request loans from Chipper Cash. 

ChipperCash Loan Interest Rate

Chipper Cash does not give or lend money to users in any form or manner therefore Chipper Cash has no loan interest rate since the payment processing platform does not provide loan facilities to its users. 

ChipperCash Request Application Process

Chipper Cash makes it possible for users to make money requests to fellow users of Chipper Cash, to make a cash request on Chipper Cash follow these steps: 

  • Log into your Chipper Cash account
  • Then click on the ‘Request’ button at the bottom of your Chipper Cash app home page
  • Select the contact or input the chipper tag you want to request money from
  • Input the amount and currency you are requesting and the reason for your money request 
  • Confirm the details of the tag or contact you’re making the money request to and click on Request to proceed 
  • Your request will be sent instantly on clicking on the request button 

Kindly note that the recipient of your money request may choose to accept or decline your money request. Therefore do not go about sending money requests to people unsolicited using Chipper Cash because Chipper Cash has a button for money requests.Β 

Benefits of ChipperCash Money Request 

Chipper Cash money request provides several benefits to users of Chipper Cash including: 

  • With the money request feature, you can request payment for services rendered and goods sold
  • Chipper Cash money request feature helps you to easily send money to your loved ones 
  • With Chipper Cash money request you do not have to worry about bank accounts and failure in transfer across continents.


Chipper Cash is great for payment processing across Africa and globally helping Africans to make payments and transactions without worrying about cross-border restrictions that hinder intercontinental payments. With Chipper Cash more Africans have been able to send and receive money across the continent and globally without any hitches. The money request feature of Chipper Cash has helped in increasing diaspora remittance in many instances. 

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