How To Gift Data On Airtel

Data gifting and how to gift data on Airtel is a subject many internet users on Airtel are very interested in knowing. Whether it’s for work, school, or simply keeping in touch with loved ones, having access to data is crucial. However, not everyone has the means to afford data, hence the need for data gifting on Airtel by subscribers. 

In this guide, I will discuss the process of data gifting on Airtel, and providing you with information on what you need to know about Airtel data gifting, the requirements for data gifting and the various available methods for data gifting provided by Airtel. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to gift data on Airtel, this guide is for you. 

Is Gifting Data On Airtel Possible?

Yes, Airtel allows its subscribers to gift data to their friends, family, or anyone else on the Airtel network. The Airtel data gifting feature enables Airtel subscribers to transfer a part of their data balance to another Airtel user.

How Does Data Gifting Work on Airtel?

To gift data on Airtel, users need to follow a simple process. Subscribers can either use the Airtel USSD code to initiate the transaction or through the SMS method. The Airtel data gifting process requires that you have enough data balance to be able to gift data to another Airtel subscriber. 

What Makes Gifting Data on Airtel Special?

Gifting data on Airtel is a unique feature that sets it apart from other telecom providers. It allows users to share their unused data with others, promoting a sense of generosity and connectivity within the Airtel community. This feature not only strengthens relationships but also ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a reliable internet connection.

Requirements For Airtel Data Giftingย 

To gift data on Airtel you have to meet the eligibility requirements as the sender of data, this means that the data giver or sender has to have adequate data balance to cover the data he or she is gifting to another Airtel subscriber. Other requirements for data gifting on Airtel include:

  • You need an active Airtel SIM to be able to gift data to another Airtel subscriber
  • Your SIM needs to have sufficient data balance
  • You need to have a Valid Data Plan as the data sender 

Airtel Data Gifting Limit

Airtel data gifting allows subscribers to gift data to their fellow subscribers, the Airtel data gifting service allows users to gift up to a maximum of 200MB per day. This maximum amount of data to be gifted out, can be shared to multiple Airtel subscribers. 

How to Gift Data on Airtel Using USSD

Gifting data on Airtel can be done using various methods including USSD. To send data to another Airtel subscriber from your Airtel line using the USSD method of data gifting follow these steps: 

  • Dial the USSD code *312# on your Airtel line then follow the next prompts that will be shown to you
  • Select the gift data option or M2U
  • Enter the corresponding number for data gifting then send 
  • Type in the Airtel number you wish to gift data to send 
  • Then enter the amount of data you wish to gift
  • Then send the data gifting request to complete the transaction 

How to Gift Data on Airtel Using SMS

Airtel has provided means for subscribers to be able to gift and share data with other users on the Airtel network. But sharing or gifting data through SMS is not one of the ways through which you can gift data to other Airtel subscribers. 

How to Transfer Airtime Using App

Airtel offers a wide range of services to its millions of customers but Airtel does not offer data gifting services, through its mobile app. The Airtel mobile app is not supported for data gifting across the Airtel network or outside the Airtel network. 

FAQ On How To Gift Data On Airtel

What is Data Gifting on Airtel?

Data gifting on Airtel allows you to share your data with friends, family, or loved ones who are also Airtel subscribers. Airtel data gifting is a convenient way to transfer data from your own data balance to another Airtel user’s line.

Can I Gift Data to Any Airtel Subscriber?

Yes, you can gift data to any Airtel subscriber as long as they have an active Airtel mobile number. It doesn’t matter if they are on a prepaid or postpaid plan.

Is There a Limit to How Much Data I Can Gift?

Yes, there are certain limits to data gifting on Airtel. You can only gift data from your own data balance, and the maximum amount you can gift per transaction is usually specified by Airtel. This limit may vary depending on your specific Airtel plan.

Can I Gift Data to Someone Who is Not On Airtel?

No, data gifting on Airtel is only available for Airtel subscribers. You cannot gift data to someone who is using a different mobile network.

Will I Be Charged for Gifting Data on Airtel?

No, gifting data on Airtel usually incurs without a charge. There is no need to be charged for Airtel data gifting, because the data gifting is done on the Airtel network.ย 

How Long is the Gifted Data Valid For?

The validity of gifted data on Airtel depends on the data bundle of the subscriber who is sending the data.ย 

Can I Gift Data Multiple Times To The Same Person?

Yes, you can gift data multiple times to the same person on Airtel. However, each data gifting transaction will be treated as a separate transaction.ย 

In conclusion, gifting data on Airtel involves a simple and convenient process. We have explored the step-by-step process of how to gift data on Airtel. By following these easy steps, you can gift dataย  to any subscriber on the Airtel network.ย 

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