Sickness at the heart of Nigeria’s Mainstream Media

I used to work with a business magnate who had several newspapers in his pocket.

One call and one bank transfer and the next day a front page piece of his design would appear.

The stories usually mendaciously accused his enemies of wrong doing, denied his own blatant wrong doing, pushed his political and business interests or were poor quality transparent “puff pieces”.

Sometimes, those trying to curry favour with him would also place stories as a “gift”.

Some stories were carefully crafted and were hardly traceable to his influence.

These often ran over several weeks building a theme.

More often than not, they were cleverly designed by his legal team to paint a background picture for his latest lawsuit.

These pieces built up a background story of illegality by his foes or muddied the waters sufficiently concerning the morality of whatever business was concerned that an observer would find it hard to see who was the Saint and who was the sinner.

Femi Falana has fallen out with ThisDay, of which he was on the editorial board.

I counsel you not to believe anything you read about either the erstwhile lawyer or the “quality” paper.

Both sides in this fight know how to operate the PR puppet strings to create smoke, mirrors and hide the real story.

Make no mistake, the real headline is that the stories in all the mainstream media are bought and paid for by somebody.

The only interest I have in Femi vs ThisDay is which members of the ThisDay board has slept with Stephanie Otobo or TBoss.

Now that would be a story.

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