Danger: Nigeria’s press freedom under threat

Amnesty International has cited concerns over the freedom of Nigeria’s press in a press release.

This is based on well known harassments and attempts to criminalise journalists and bloggers trying to bring information to the people.

The architects of these harassments are various, allegedly including the Federal Government, State Governors, the elite and all their cronies with paper thin skin and with excuses for misdemeanours are even thinner.

Regular readers of Naira Insider will know that we also consider the non-payment of journalists to be very problematic.

It is leading to the placement of privately paid articles appearing as truthful reporting and it needs to be included in the overall concerns.
At Naira Insider we aim to publish the truth behind business stories.

Nigerians need to know what is really occurring in the economy.

Reading the mainstream media only provides the information the elite want you to read.

Nigeria needs to thrive and the only way to achieve that is through transparency.

We will do our part every day to try to achieve this.

Thanks for your support in bringing the truth to our country.

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