Kemi Adeosun “The Village Bean Counter” moves excuses to social media

Kemi Adeosun

Kemi “The Village Bean Counter” Adeosun yesterday broadcast further excuses for poor performance on Social Media.

As is the norm with failing governments, she distracted us from current poor performance by blaming predecessors, while recalling higher oil prices under the Jonathan regime and asking “where has all that money gone?”.

Unfortunately for this lowly esteemed lady, all this does is draw attention to her failings and those of her colleagues in the current regime.

Here are some questions to ponder;

  1. If the anti-corruption drive was effective, she and we would know where all the money had gone
  2. Using social media to blame a past regime is usually a transparent distraction that makes intelligent readers focus on what she could be distracting them from. Is it the news that January 2017 revenues were at 50% of budget forecast?
  3. Where is all the money coming in now?

She also made a ham fisted attempt to say  that a success of her government is the reduction in recurrent expenditure.

This maybe true but it is still unacceptably high with no attempt to reign in governors personal and vanity project spending.

There is also no discernible attempt to establish a national finance framework.

Not this time Kemi, you will have to try harder to distract us next time.

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