Visas On Arrival – The panacea for the dearth of Foreign Direct Investment

By Femi Peters

You can only laugh.

The only difference is that now if you are a foreign investor you will have to laugh in a longer queue at Lagos Airport whilst waiting for your on arrival visa in a room where the air conditioning has failed again, those with “protocol officers” jump the queue ahead of you and your wait to get processed increases from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Not to mention the hotbed of entrepreneurialism that is the immigration service at Lagos airport.

No doubt enterprising immigration officials will find regulations that mean investors have to be on the return flight back home having been rejected unless said official can be “encouraged” to overlook a fictitious regulation or two.

As I said, you can only laugh.

It is surely a joke when a government proclaims that on demand visas will make all the difference to encourage foreign investors into a country where contracts are not enforceable, property ownership is opaque, accounting rules are fluid, infrastructure is so bad you cannot distribute your products, the middle class have all but disappeared and if you bring your foreign dollars into the country the economic policy of the government means you don’t know if you can get anything out again.

Yes, give them on demand visas…that’ll fix it.

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