Nigeria is a pseudo communist state

In many ways, pure communism is laudable.

In the view of this writer, Che Guevara fought a noble fight.

Unfortunately for communism, human nature gets in the way and corrupts it to the Orwellian version where “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

For the sake of clarity amongst those political scientists of my readers, Marxism was created from middle class angst and cannot be equated with communism in its purest format.

It is safe to say there are no true communist states in existence today.

Just a ragtag bunch of dictatorships, one party controlled states, repressive regimes run by a plundering elite and run down countries where there is not enough collective will to overthrow a precarious regime as the expectations of the people have sunk so low.

Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Cuba and others all fit the bill.

Add to this list our beloved but oppressed country of Nigeria.

I can feel your surprise….Nigeria??? Communist???

Given that we just stated that there are no true communist states, only “some are more equal than others” states. Then face the facts…..

Criteria 1: One party state

The same Nigerian jokers swap between political parties at will and for personal gain.

No party has a discernible manifesto different from another.

So ostensibly not one party, but one group of people badging themselves as they see fit to stay in power.

There are no changes in power, just twilight putches as in the Chinese regime where factions vie in the same party.

So for all intents and purposes we live in a one party state where no matter where you place your mark on the ballot paper, the same policy-less individuals are returned to power.

Criteria 2: State controlled means of production

This is admittedly a cornerstone of Marxism, but also true in most communist countries, even the liberalising ones.

In Nigeria can anyone seriously argue that the one party state does not control production?

Dangote and members of the one party elite combined have  control over most sectors.

Heavy regulation allows the one party state to sanction it’s enemies and promote the business of the elite to the point that there is total domination and control of most sectors.

If you doubt, investigate the use of import tariffs and how waivers have been granted over many years to those connected to the one party state.

There are so many oligopolies in Nigeria currently, it feels like late 1990s Russia.

Criteria 3: Dictatorship

Sai Baba, need I say more.

The cult of personality, serfdom and control is a common thread amongst our presidents.

The only variables appear to be how many times in a month you are seemingly drunk on the job or receive Obasanjo at Aso Rock.

Was there not state organised and supported hero worship of Stalin, Mao and Castro?

Is our lazy and bought off mainstream media not the propaganda mouthpiece of the one party state?

The reporting of Buhari’s health issues has been a rare exception that perhaps proves the rule.

Criteria 4: Oppression of opposition

No need for violence in Nigeria.

Just make sure you give military heads the opportunity to make enough money, bribe the judiciary and point EFCC and/or DSS against opponents and more obvious oppression is unnecessary.

Years of poverty and disenfranchisement mean the expectations of the masses are so low they are more likely to turn on each other than their oppressors.

Ongoing attempts to censor our social media prove the fear in the one party state of allowing an informed and uncontrolled population.

Like many countries that wish to suppress information flow amongst their people, Nigeria is reported to have purchased (under the one party era figurehead  of Jonathan) software to block and control the Internet.


So tell me Nigeria is not a communist country.

Oh, actually it’s not.

I am wrong.

No self respecting modern communist country would allow it’s name to be besmirched by mass starvation.

Nigerian communists don’t care about world reputation – let them die.

So perhaps I was wrong.

The disgraceful disaster in the north east would not happen in a communist state.

They couldn’t stand the shame.

The Nigerian one party state has no shame. No drive to protect its image. So perhaps it is not communist after all.

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