Is Fear of a Biafran conflict impeding foreign investment in the South East?

Whatever the rights or wrongs of an independent Biafra, it is undeniable that the current level of noise and agitation is holding the region back.

Investors especially foreign investors other than the Chinese appear to be wary of investing in states in a potential Biafran territory or because any sign of impending social upheaval typically makes investors stay away in droves.

Northern and Western states appear to be benefiting from this uncertainty as investors attracted to Nigeria appear to be focusing their attention on non-Biafran areas.

In their minds, there are so many risks involved in investing in Nigeria so why add social upheaval to the list?

Naira Insider is purely interested in the advancement of all Nigerians through the development of the economy and few regions around the country boast the natural resources available in the South East.

With this impartiality and our business focus in mind, it does appear that spending a little time investing in the region would be beneficial to all parties.

With more economic activity especially from outside investors, there will be increased negotiating power as a southeastern bloc with the Federal Government.

Moreover, more economic empowerment might reduce the feelings of enforced impoverishment felt by resurgent Biafrans.

So it is unclear why Governors in the area are not making more serious attempts to stimulate their local economies.

Low performing local economies only increase the chances of social upheaval at its worst.

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