Disaster: Nigerian agriculture abandoned in favour of elite oligarchs oil

Occasionally, just occasionally, the mainstream media completes acceptable analysis on a topic or ongoing story.

With all the resources at their disposal, Business Day yesterday published a story containing decent analysis rarely seen amongst the puff pieces and paid for photographs.

We at Naira Insider extend a job offer to the writer of the piece.

This truth telling deserves a home at an organisation dedicated to publishing the true stories of our economy, not brown nosing the Nigerian oligarchs.

The truth appears to be that lending to the Agricultural sector has decreased and has increased to Oil and Gas.

This is truly shocking and a disaster for the average Nigerian.

Many business and voices from academia had said that when the oil price initially crashed, they wished it crashed further, harder and for longer.

It was the view of such people that it was the only way to clear out the ruling oligarchs and start the re-balancing of the economy and wealth distribution in the country.

I now believe them.

The sickness is far too ingrained and the oligarchs far too powerful that even a halving of the Oil price does not help drain the swamp of these thieves.

The real story behind the Business Day headline will only be told by nairainsider.com.

Visit nairainsider.com for the real, whistle blowing story behind the shocking abandonment of the agricultural sector by financiers and government so that they can fill their pockets with Oil money during the remaining years of the Buhari regime.

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