250 Business Ideas for 2016 Start Ups

This is a continuously updating list of business ideas for the present and next generation entrepreneurs. you can suggest and nominate your own personal business idea too. and, it’s all free. Thank You. We have had more than enough to […]

250+ business ideas 2016 by nairainsider.com

The Possible Effects of Brexit on Nigeria

The vote inside the UK highlighted profound divisions. Except for London, England voted hugely to leave the EU. Scotland, which just a year prior, voted by a slender edge to stay in the UK, voted by very nearly 2 to […]

The Possible Effects of Brexit on Nigeria

saving more money NAIRAINSIDEER.COM


Discussing financial management, especially saving money with an average 20-something can be so boring and frustrating more than you can ever imagined, believe me. Personal finance to 20-something fellas doesn’t actually make much meaningful sense. You know why, because most […]

10 Ways To Get Rich By Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is not a strange name to many of us, especially stocks, bonds and other securities investors. But incase you never who Warren Buffett is, You can read about him here. You know why I like this man’s advice? […]

250+ business ideas 2016 by nairainsider.com

10 Simple Ways To Save More Money

Money saved is consequently like a seed sown which can grow to becomes a tree when properly nurtured and yield shade, fruits, beauty, and numerous positive effects to our environment and ecosystem. So does money too when properly managed and […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 8 CEOs Who Made Fortunes Before Their 30

Good Morning, So, this morning as usual, I stumbled on this very inspiring infographic from Essay Expert and you already know, I won’t keep this to myself, I must share it to you guys here. The Infographic This infographic is […]